Jitsi Meet not working in libre browsers

Hi, I am having a problem with jitsi meet not working in certain libre browsers, particularly icecat and iceweasel. I am using Parabola GNU/Linux (based on Arch) and have tried to use jitsi meet in icecat on x86 and iceweasel on armv7. In both cases, the application doesn’t seem to be able to find my mic or camera, and when I click on ‘settings’ in the menu, the session ends immediately.

Any ideas what might be causing this? Is there anything special I need to do for jitsi meet to work with these browsers?

Does those browsers support webrtc?

@damencho yes, I believe so. They are derived from recent versions of Firefox. As to whether the webrtc is configured correctly, I’m not so sure. I will check the settings.

go to test.webrtc.org

@gpatel-fr thanks for that link. I ran the tests there in icecat on my x86 desktop. It wasn’t able to find the mic for my webcam (although it found the camera itself). Also, it failed the ‘network’ and ‘connectivity’ tests (which seems strange). Are you aware of a good guide anywhere on how to configure webrtc for Firefox (and derivatives)?

Logically Jitsi should find the same. What’s strange that it does not find your cam. Don’t expect to be able to use the mic if test.webrtc.org does not find it. Be aware that it could be your webcam the problem if the driver is not fully compatible, I have seen reports on this forum about Chrome having trouble with some models.

not necessarily a problem; for example my firewall is blocking all udp except to my jitsi server, so the webrtc test fails.

the only thing I know is that when you get a permission error you should remove the data that is stored for the site and next access the browser (whatever browser) asks you again for permission.

To see whether Jitsi Meet made a correct guess about what browser it’s running into, open the javascript console log and look for “This appears to be”.

@Boris_Grozev Hi, thanks for your suggestion. In the console, I am seeing: ‘This appears to be unknown’.

@gpatel-fr it is finding my webcam, but not the mic that is built into it. It’s a fairly run-of-the-mill Logitech webcam that I am using with a desktop x86 PC. It works fine with other applications. I will try what you suggest regarding the permissions and see if it helps.

By the way, I tried it with vanilla Firefox the other day and I was seeing similar issues, so it may not be necessarily a problem with the ‘libre’ browser derivatives.