Jitsi Meet not working? getting Unfortunately something went wrong in Jitsi Meet https://meet.jit.si

https://meet.jit.si/ is not working? Suddenly I can not enter or create a room in jitsi.

In the browser console, getting error.

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anyone having same?

I am having the same problem, waiting for jitsi to fix it asap

Seems like it might be a regional thing 'cos it works fine for me here. What server/region are you both connected to?

IP Details For:
Continent: Asia
Country: Bangladesh
State/Region: Dhaka

If you click on the connection indicator, it should show you what shard it’s connected to. For instance:

Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 4.00.16 AM

yes, but actually can not proceed that far. After clicking Join Meeting the error screen is coming

Oooooh sorry, I get you now. :man_facepalming:t5:
Yeah, it’s most likely a regional issue. There was an issue a few days ago, so this could be related - or not. In any case, I imagine the team will look into it as soon as they’re online.

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Thank you, waiting for the fix :+1:

yes, we are same.

We discovered an issue, should be mitigate for now … We will work on proper fixes tomorrow. Sorry for the problem.

Thank you, okay, no problem, we’ll wait.