Jitsi Meet not possible on Ubuntu 20.04

Hello everyone, I tried installing on Ubuntu 20.04. Some python libraries are not found when the SSL script is called. This aborts the installation and cannot be used.
Maybe jamnd can take a look at the installation routine and expand / adapt it for Ubuntu 20.04.
Thank you.

See this thread:

Until it is fixed: Use Ubuntu 18.04 and not 20.04
Don’t use a brand new distro.
Maybe i missed something, but are there any urgent reasons to use Ubuntu 20.04 ???

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Yes, I used 18.04. I just noticed.

You can use a workaround described in step 3 here.
For me it works perfectly. Jitsi installed on fresh Ubuntu 20.04.

I was able to install Jitsi on Ubuntu 20.04

Guide here https://github.com/mjtiempo/Docs/blob/master/Jitsi%20Meet%20Installation.md

It’s possible, In my ubuntu 20.04 it’s working fine, Please visit GitHub issue and check my comment there username: bhar4t