Jitsi Meet need fqdn?

Hello Jitsi community,
I’m a beginner user and i need help.
I don’t know if it’s the right section but here’s my question: do i need a fqdn to install jitsi? or can I use only the ip?
Thanks for your help

I believe you need a valid cert from an authority to use anything other than the Jitsi web interface.

Self-signed will work for the web interface.

I believe you can use just the IP if you only want the web interface and use a self-signed certificate.

I read the guide to install jitsi on ubuntu server and among the requirements it says that a domain name is needed to point to the server… Do you think it can work without it?
Thanks for your help

I’m not certain, but I believe you can have a functional jitsi install without having a FQDN.

That install probably would only work with the web interface and not with any other clients (Desktop/Electron, Android, iOS, etc)

You might be able to test it out in a virtual machine and see?

ok i’ll try. thank you so much for your help