Jitsi Meet-My screen goes blank when i start recording

Hi Guys,
I have checked and searched the forum but can’t seem to see the issue listed. Some background info first:)
As a setup we use Jitsi.meet with 3-8 users for the purpose of a weekly conference , we have 4-5 sessions a week. Anyone joining in uses different platforms , like mobiles laptops and desktops with obviously different browsers. 2 members of the session acts as moderators for mute,record and other settings. We also record these sessions inorder to share recorded session with others who were unable to participate. We have a dropbox 2gb free which is enough for the purpose.
Problem starts when one acting moderator (me) starts recording. Set up is 5 participants with everyone can see & interact with each other as normal at the beginning of the session. Video and sound working for everyone. After the welcome and greetings i start recording the session at which point i myself go blank (no video) on others screen. However i can see myself and everyone else on my screen. Recording works fine up until an hour limit , and when checked back i can see all recordings cut off at exactly 1hr 06 sec. Eventhough our session takes about 90min.when i check the video i can see everyone else fine but my screen (as a participant) is blank with no video. Afer every session we upload it to dropbox to be shared and than erased same day to keep below 2GB limit we have. I also noticed when 2nd moderator mutes everyone including me ,i can see my mute icon but i have no option to disable my camera individually nor there is a video icon. I can see others if they disable their camera or mute themselves or done by moderato but i dont have the camera icon to disable my camera temporarily.
Session is run on jitsi website so use your server as we don’t host anything. On my end i checked my router settings to see if firewall or anything else is blocked but everything is set as default. Internet connection is 50MB/s and the OS is Win10 with camera and microphone allowed both from settings and by firefox. (80.0.1)
Any ideas or some assistance is highly apreciated .