Jitsi Meet Mobile App


I developed a mobile application with React native using jitsi-meet. I use Jitsi Meet on my own server. Host information must be entered in order to start the meeting on my own server. Although I enter the host information, it does not start the meeting and it gets stuck on the screen where I enter the host information. It doesn’t give any errors either. How can I resolve this situation? I would appreciate it if you explain in an explanatory way

The application stays like this after entering the host information and does not take any action.

Does it work in a browser?

@Freddie Yes, it work in a browser too.

@Freddie can you help me?

The configuration for Secure domain is done on your server; mobile applications pick the configuration from there. If it’s working in your web browser but not working in your mobile app, it must be something you’ve done in your app that’s obstructing the authentication.