Jitsi Meet- Max Call connect on one conference

If you are asking what ports are needed for a client using jitsi-meet in the network: none, just make sure udp can be used in the network.
If you are asking what are the ports used by the server this is explained in the advanced section in the quick install guide

How can we install stable builds in our server . can you please tell me step by step.
Please…or any document if you have pls share…

can we use 3 videobridge integrated with jitsi-quick install to get more participants in a single conference.

To use 3 bridges for a single conference you need to activate octo.

Hi, can we use your meet.jit.si server for testing with 20 participants.

I don’t see why you cannot :slight_smile:
It is fine to test it.

Hi i am getting only 9-10 Participanta Video only . participanyts connected 16

HI, is there any restriction in Participants View to 10 or any bendwidth limit ?
becouse i am getting 9 participants each in 2 different conference.

There is none, but it will start switching off videos if client’s bandwidth is not enough to take it…

Can you please tell me How Many Videos we will get in an conference having 30 Participants in a Screen. without any loss in Prticipanets Bandwidth.
Becouse i am getting only 10 Videos. remaining i am getting balnk.
any specific reason for that ???

I don’t get your question, can you please clarify?
How are you testing? From same network more than 10 computers? Are they wired or wifi?

i am testing from same network and 17 computer and all are on wired network.

And your network is capable of doing at least 175=85 Mb/s upload and download symmetric in case of chrome? And in case of all Firefox you need again 85 Mb/s upload, but for download you need 165*17~1.4 Gb/s ?

Hi, we have a similar problem.
You mean for 10 users chrom you need 175Mb/s Upload + 85Mb/s Download?

We did already some optimization in the video section in config.js:

 resolution: 720,
 constraints: {
     video: {
         aspectRatio: 16 / 9,
         height: {
             ideal: 180,
             max: 240,
             min: 180

startVideoMuted: 3,

So is there some other we could do?

Thanks, Sebastian

Probably you want to switch and resolution: 720,, that should be fine.


My server 700mbps upload 900mbps download 10 Core 16GB Ram

How many participants?

I would say 100, maybe … but this is just a wild guess. And depends on the size of the conferences, if all are p2p and you use a turn server then the number maybe higher…


Hi, How many people can see in the screen simultaneously in the desktop version with chrome?