Jitsi Meet- Max Call connect on one conference

Hello everyone.
Can you please tell me how many user can connect in a jitsi singe server.
i am using server having…
2.4 Giga CPU
Network speed: 1 Gig on Public IP without firewall.

i am getting 10 participants connection in jitsi meet quick installation.

What do you mean, you cannot use more than 10?

There is no formula to give a right answer as there are many moving parts, like browser is it Firefox or Chrome, is it 2-3 participant conferences or 10-15, cause two 3 participant conferences is different in load from one of 6 participant.

If you are asking for just one conference, I would say that 25-30 participants with chrome in one call will be the max, going above up to 40-50 may work, but you may start seeing some issues.

i have install quick jitsi-meet install in a server. i am unable to connect more then 10 participant in one conference. i am using chrome but getting on 10 participants.after that we application stops working.
Please assist to resolve issue. if any config change require please tell.

What does application stops working mean?
Are you joining 10 participants? Are they from the same network and different computers, are those wired or wifi connected?

Have you monitored servers CPU, RAM and bandwidth when you experience the problem?

Application stopped opening after 10 participants( not bale open URL). i am trying to join more participants. They are private network and joining to public on Same network ( other Public inter VLANs) and no restriction.

You mean your browser is blocked? And you cannot open more tabs? You are joining 10 tabs from the same browser?

No i am opening from different desktop…same url to join more participants…

Have you tried same scenario with meet.jit.si?

This means to me that you lose connection either on the client machine or on the server.

Hello Damecho,
When we try to connect more then 10 users on one conference then new user is not able to connect to same conference.
My requirement is to get at least 30+ users on same conference.
Server is setup on Ubuntu VM having configuration : 2.4 Ghz processor, 8 Gb RAM and 1Gbps LAN speed.
Please suggest.

What is the internet download and upload for that server? Do you have at least 150 Mb/s upload? Can you give more details about ‘not able to connect’, this not clear for me.

My server download speed is 75 Mbps and upload speed is 39 Mbps.
When we try to connect more than 10 participants in single conference we connect to sites but get only black boxes without audio and video.

But works with 3, right?
So upload of 39 Mbps will be enough for 7 participant very very roughly when using Chrome (or 4 in case of 1 Firefox and 3 Chrome participants).
Have you measured the used bandwidth during a conference?

  1. Can we cascade two different conferences into one conference ?
  2. And can we restrict (like 2 Mbps) the video bit rate of each video by default on call connect in conference?
  1. You cannot cascade conferences, you can cascade bridges. To have multiple bridges so you can cascade them in one conference for geolocation optimizations.

  2. You can lower the max resolution of all participants to 360p this can give you roughly around 4 times more chrome participants. But again this is ideal to fit this bandwidth and make sure some other process are not using it so they don’t eat your quality :slight_smile:

What is the duration (Hours) of the broadcast using Jitsi Meet? I need 4-5 hours

@11185 If you are asking about meet.jit.si, the limit there is 3 hours.

Thank you so much ! Where do you find this information? I could not find this information in the description?

Not sure what description do you mean. This is configured per deployment, and meet.jit.si deployment is configured like that: https://github.com/jitsi/jibri/blob/master/resources/debian-package/etc/jitsi/jibri/config.json#L56

Which ports are required to be open in firewall for jitsi meet to run SMOOTHLY on private network.