Jitsi meet make dev not working

I have downloaded jitsi meet from git and I have tried to build the project multiple times but always the build process stops working after giving me the following message:

webpack 5.57.1 compiled successfully in … ms

Please I need help to solve this issue.

THat means it’s ready to be tested and you can access https://localhost:8080

The web application shows me an error

Check the console logs.

libs/do_external_connect.min.js and libs/app.bundle.min.js are not found

in this case you should scroll back from before the webpack 5.57.1 compiled successfully message to find the places where the compilation was not so successful :slight_smile:

There are no errors, but only warnings

are you sure of that ? A Jitsi-meet compilation involves thousand of warnings, did you save them to disk and grepped the result for ‘error’ because it’s easy to miss them when looking at the screen(s)

I have checked it again and I haven’t found any error