Jitsi Meet local installation Not working on phone(chrome) but working on meet.jit.si

Can you share the detailed process for jitsi installation as I have added jitsi-meet to iframe and using on a mobile browser (Chrome)?

meet.jit.si is working but my server installation is not working

This issue occurs only on some phones. It works perfectly fine on other phones

Try upgrading to latest from unstable debian repo.

@damencho I tried installing the unstable version. But no luck.
Still, it is unable to access the camera on some devices

@damencho please help. it is urgent!! :expressionless:

I am not liking this community. Really poor support :frowning:

Sorry I do not agree with what you are saying the truth here in this community they provide an impressive support service they have moderators with a lot of knowledge. So it doesn’t seem fair that you express yourself that way. If you have a little patience I’m sure someone will help you.


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The current version on meet.jit.si is the one from stable. So if it works on meet.jit.si and not on your deployment there must be something else …