Jitsi Meet Load Balancer Connection Refused on port 5347

We are trying to use second videobridge node

Server A : call.e-toll.com.au [Jitsi Meet is already installed]
Server B : bridge2.e-toll.com.au [We installed the jitsi-videobridge on this server]

jicofo.log is showing error: 




Any help?

first please don’t upload images, rename your logs to .txt and upload them in text form.
Then you are using stable version that is still using the component connection on port 5347 - this is an unencrypted connection (this can’t be changed) and as such Prosody is only listening on the local interface. I think that was a motivation behind the recent switch to using a proxy to replace this component connection with a client connection on port 5222, but that’s only on unstable version.

So while you are stuck on stable, it would be an idea to use a VPN between second JVB and main server.