Jitsi Meet - live captions English <-> Russian

Hi guys,

I got two teams, one team is from UK, they Speak only English. Other team is from Russia, they speak only Russian. It is possible they communicate together using Jitsi using live captions ? I can imagine there is possibility to plug TTS and Translate using google or other services.

I am willing to pay for this service, if somebody is interested, please contact me.

Basically I am looking for commercial service, which can do this.


Very much possible. Jitsi has this feature.

Actually only 8x8 has this feature. Their having a sale for $1 per month so u might want to check them out

thank you guys, very much appreciated

I contacted 8x8.com and they told me it is not possible. I am looking for somebody (paid job) who could do this for me.

inviting a linguist to the meeting is not possible?

it is possible, but not preferred - there will be tens of meetings like this. JITSI can do this, and I know there is people who could do this setup - there could be basically STT from english to captions, then hooked english to russian text translation, on other side Russian would WRITE in chat questions in Russian and that would be real time translated to English. I am willing to pay for this, anybody ?

where is any documentation?

our team might be able to hack it out

what is the next step?

contact me: 2ge [at] 2ge dot us or send PM message here.

im only in if the guy who is named after a linux process is in: daemon

You can use VideoMeet too… it does English.