Jitsi meet links (e.g., https://meet.jit.si/roomname) now directing to 8x8 rooms that do not have the same functionality (e.g., cannot record meetings)

I have several jitsimeet rooms embedded into a qualtrics survey. Today when we entered some of these rooms, with the same links we have been using for 6 months, they are branded with the 8x8 logo instead of jitsi meet. In addition, in these rooms the recording option is no longer available and participants keep getting kicked out of the rooms with the error message “You have been disconnected.”

I am confused as to why this is happening but only happening with some of the links, even though they are all the same: i.e., Jitsi Meet.

Any suggestions on how to make these links open jitsimeet rooms instead of 8x8 rooms will be greatly appreciated.

Can you paste a sample link? I just tried a random meeting in meet.jit.si and I’m not getting 8x8 branding.

I could not reproduce any of this behavior either :scream: We really need a link to look into.

Hi, thanks for the response. The link in the OP has this behavior for me, but it was automatically made into a hyperlink.

I am running this on a macbook pro, running Monterey 12.3.1 and have tried in both safari and chrome. I have other users on different machines experiencing the same behavior.

This link goes to an 8x8 room: “8x8 Meet

This link goes to a jitsimeet room: “8x8 Meet

If I change the room name in the second room I also end up in an 8x8 branded room without the ability to record.

I’m not seeing that…

@Aaron_K_van_Meerten any ideas?

Here is a screen cap of the 8x8 branded room:

and the jitsi meet room. The first pic is where I end up following the top link in my post above and this pic is the second link. The strangest part of all of this is the inconsistency. Some of my links that worked yesterday now go to 8x8 and the others go to the same jitsi meet rooms as yesterday.

I did get a weird thing on Safari, but on Chrome, this is very strange!

Scratch that, I can repro now on Chrome too. Just on the room called “roomname”. Do you have more names so we can check our logs?

Yes, I am happy to share the room names in a private message, we are using them for a research study so I do not want the specific rooms we use public. If you can search for partial names, they all start with psdlab, followed by some numbers.

For me, any random room name I use at the end of meet.jit.si now takes me to an 8x8 room. This happens both in safari and chrome. For example, I just joined the room with meet.jit.si / “rando” on both chrome and safari and ended up in an 8x8 branded room.

The only way I end up in a jitsi room is if I use certain links from our study. It is very wierd.

We believe this issue should be resolved; there was a stale network reference to a decommissioned meet.jit.si shard. Please let us know if you continue to see the issue in the future!

Thank you! The issue appears to be resolved on my too. I appreciate you all figuring this out and fixing it so quickly!

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