Jitsi-meet LDAP Active Directory authentication - how to get log info



I’m not sure I understand your reply. Just to be on the safe side, I’ll clarify a bit.
The message “Authenticated as VDP@meet.mydomain.org” appears ONLY when I try to connect from the Jitsi Desktop application DIRECTLY to Prosody (jitsi-meet is out of the equation here). I could have used any other jabber client for that matter. I just posted that log to demonstrate that a jabber client CAN connect to Prosody with the ldap2 module. No issues there.

This log is in contrast with the other log where I am using Firefox or Chrome as a client connecting to Jitsi-Meet. That’s when there is NO way to get an LDAP-authenticated user because the jitsi-meet web UI doesn’t even give me the chance to post/send a username/password. So in the first log regarding jitsi-meet alone, there is no “Authenticated as VDP@meet.mydomain.org”.

So that’s the whole deal. How come jitsi-meet’s web interface loaded in Firefox does NOT ask the user for his/her credentials when authentication = ldap2 whereas any jabber client connecting to the same prosody service can properly authenticate via LDAP usiong the same ldap2 module?

BTW, I don’t know what you mean by “incognito window”.

[EDIT] I guess incognito window is the same as “private browsing” in Firefox. I tried that already, but had the same results.


How did you do that, and was it with ldap?
Could you please share your full cfgs?
And please let me know if you’re using the stable builds or the nightlies?


Solved here: