Jitsi-Meet + ldap(Active Directory) and see DisplayName of users. This is possible?

Hi all!

In Jitsy Mett by default set name of users as “Fellow Jitser”.
Can i configure ldap (active directory) and see my displayname instead default “Fellow jitser”?
Is it possible?
And if this is possible, can the sso be configured?

Thank you advanced!


+1 would love for this to be a thing.

Need this too. Now my users have to input DisplayName (requireDisplayName: true,) after logging in with SASL LDAP.
A bit annoying experience %)

I would also love this feature! Is there any chance to get this?

isnt this what the “useNicks: true,” property does?

thanks for the reply.
If I enable this, meetings exit with the error: “unfortunately something went wrong”

Hi, I managed to get rid of the unfortunately something went wrong for a while now,
but even if the useNicks; true property is set, the ldap usernames still don’t show up in the meetings. Only fellow Jitster respectively the sting I changed to be shown.
Does Anyone has another idea?
many thanks

The simpliest way to use LDAP in Jitsi imho to use it with Rocketchat and JWT. Rocketchat brings normal names and avatars to Jitsi.

@Korobox How use JWT and LDAP together?

They are not supposed to be used together. And Jitsi has very limited ldap support.
The best way is to set up Jitsi for JWT and use Rocketchat or any other front for LDAP auth.

Has anyone found a solution? Interaction with LDAP/AD would be very interesting.