Jitsi-meet LAN-WAN dark screens


I made installation on server behind NAT.
Inside the NAT i can connect as much members as I want, works fine.
1 member inside NAT and 2 from WAN work fine , but when I add another WAN member, this member gets back screens (only gets own screen) and the everywhere the WAN members are back, when this last member leaves , the screens are no longer black.

What works fine: 4 members inside LAN , 1 member in LAN and 2 members from WAN

found solution to my problem , it had to do with the hostname and hosts.
The only issue now is the sharing of youtube , this does not show in the mobile app.
Is there a workaround?

i have been trying for the configuration where participants are from LAN and WAN. for LAN it works for more than 50+ participants. however i am not able to connect from WAN(public IP). can you share the config files or throw some light to make the setup working

Do you use an IP address or an FQDN for jitsi?

i am using fqdn from wan and ip 10.xx.xx.xx

Then the usual installation will not work since it’s configured to support only one domain (this is the IP in your case)

thanks for the reply. but if i route my public ip(domain name) by configuring my firewall to my internal ip , it should work-- this is my wild guess

It’s not enough to configure the network accessibility. There are other things related in the domain name. Nginx host name, MUC domain, TLS certificate etc

. presently i am able to land on the welcome page.when i try from public ip. when i try to join the conference room , neither the camera or mic is getting enabled. can you suggest the settings for nginx host name, MUC domain etc. thanks in advance

Could you search for the multi domain installation? This was already answered but I don’t remember the links

The solution to this problem for us was to make sure ports 4443 and 10000 were forwarded to the jitsi server, per the setup guide: