Jitsi-meet Kubernetes

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I would like to ask if someone has experience deploying Jitsi-meet in the Kubernetes in Azure or Aws cloud.

  1. Do I need turn server if Jitsi services (Jicofo, Jvb, Jitsi-meet, prosody) are deploy in K8s where kubernetes deployment contains K8s Ingress, ClusterIp etc.

  2. NAT_HARVESTER_PUBLIC_ADDRESS should be set to K8s Ingress public address?

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That is the ip address which you can use from Internet to access the machine where jvb is deployed. This is the address the clients will use the send the media to.

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I have some issue with K8s, I can join to the room I can see participants but the media are not sent.
From the client perspective I’m receiving ‘Bridge Channel send: no opened channel.’
In the SDP there is proper candidate pair for that connection.


Have you configured the port forwarding?

I have K8s Ingress/ ClusterIP configuration which forward traffic to 4443/tcp and 10000/udp
and NAT_HARVESTER_PUBLIC_ADDRESS is set to Ingress Ip ( public Ip visible from the outside network)

I think this maybe similar case: Open ports NAT

Have you set the private address?

No I don’t think so. In Jvb? Could you point me the documentation or the param name which should be set?

Here it is

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What below warning means?
org.ice4j.ice.harvest.CandidateHarvesterSetElement.setEnabled() Disabling: org.ice4j.ice.harvest.MappingCandidateHarvester, face=/ip, mask=/ip


Damian thank you for your help. I’m able to create p2p calls, I still have some issue with conference calls.
I’ve set up turn server (coturn) with changes to prosody, jitsi-meet . I’m using android device (jitsi-meet, react) to stream and web viewer to view the stream.
Is it something specific in jitsi-meet on android device according to turn server configuration?
Can I perform some test to check if I’ve configured all components correctly?