Jitsi Meet keybard shortcuts cheatsheets in English and Spanish - possibly others


While putting together Jitsi Meet training the keyboard shortcuts became a topic on its own.

I’ve typed manually their description in the wiki for English and Spanish, I’ll probably be adding French too. If anyone wants to add others, please do.

This was useful when creating cheat sheets which will be used to create mousepads we send to participants and moderators. For now I am using https://www.cheatography.com, if you search for " Jitsi" there they will show up (work in progress!).

Thanks for sharing.

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Hi, and a big thank you for Jitsi Meet!

As a new Jitsi user (and an old Ubuntu Linux user), I like Jitsi a lot! However, I found almost no intuitive mnemonic sense (at least, in English) to the current key choices for keyboard shortcuts. That makes learning them unnecessarily difficult.

To help in that regard, I’ve drafted a revised list. If it is accepted, the English version of the “Keyboard Shortcuts” list that pops up with the [?] key combination will read as the attached table (which your Reply function seems to reject except as an image file)!
JitsiKeyboardShortcuts-AmerEnglish-tableonly|386x500 .

Experienced Jitsi users may find better combinations; that, too, will be helpful. And thanks again for a wonderful tool!

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Perhaps you should file a bug report so this gets more traction. I agree it would improve usability, although I am not an expert - perhaps comparing to other software may also help make better choices.