Jitsi meet.jit.si gives black screen as we start recording

Dear Team,

In our corporate environemnet we need to explore jitsi on enterprise level and before doing that we need to run a POC using meet.jit.si .

Our Goal is to record interviews using JITSI and ApplyAI / ML on top of recorded videos .

We have encountered one issue in our network while using " meet.jit.si " ,

  1. Video Calling is working fine using meet.jit.si .
  2. As we start recording using meet.jit.si , all participent screen turns blank screen , no one can see each other face (We use Dropbox as storage option).
  3. As we stop recording , next moment we all start seeing each other face .

Our Network team has checked all network and fireal related stuff but they dont see anything blocking .

Can someone help here So that we can complete Our POC and look forward to use JITSI !!

Attaching screen after we start recording .


Probably your network for some reason block connection to the videobridge. In the case of 2 participants, if possible they connect p2p. At the moment you start recording because there is the recorder in the meeting everything moves to the bridge. You can test this without a recorder, enter 3 tabs/participants from that network and see whether you establish an audio/video call successfully. What browser are you using? Does your network allow outgoing udp? Anyway it should fallback to tcp connection if udp is blocked, which is not an optimal experience.

Thanks @damencho
I think Your observation is correct ,
When I added 3rd participent in same meeting , without starting recording also screen got blank !!

I am using latest version of Chrome .

Can you please suggest something to fix this issue !


Allow outgoing and incoming udp traffic, or at least the one going to port 10000 and coming from there.

Ohk Thanks We will try this today itself and update


Our Firewall team reported that they do not see UDP Traffic after reproducing issue !
Is there any specific logs you whould like us to share , as meet.jit.si is deployed on Jitsi end .

If we connect same machine to open Internet ( Non corporate network ) it works fine.

Kindly Suggest !

You say that there are no restrictions applied for udp traffic?

Yes …

Ok, that is strange … Send a link you used for such a faulty session.

This is the latest meeting I have tried https://meet.jit.si/network19

Kindly help if you can find any logs

For both participants there is an error ICE failed. It failed connecting to the bridge or to the turn servers. Here are the candidates that failed

a=candidate:1 1 udp 2130706431 2406:da18:d99:f8a1:70c3:b0c6:4dd6:9fbe 10000 typ host generation 0
a=candidate:2 1 udp 2130706431 10000 typ host generation 0
a=candidate:3 1 udp 1677724415 10000 typ srflx raddr rport 10000 generation 0

And the turn that were probed are:


So the network to those addresses and ports above are dropped on some firewall in your corporate network and there is nothing we can do about it.

Thank You @damencho , I am sharing this with our Network Team
Appreciate your efforts