Jitsi-meet + Jigasi server install on Ubuntu 22.04

This is how I got this software to work, just saving it here in case it helps anyone else:

Jitsi install
First I followed this guide:

Letsencrypt will fail, you need to restart the services or reboot and then run:

the row don’t delete had me halt a bit but just change it from anonymous to internal_plain

#nano /etc/prosody/conf.d/meeting.myurl.cfg.lua
VirtualHost “meeting.myurl”
authentication = “internal_plain” – do not delete me

Jigasi install

All you need to do if you used the digitalocean guide is this:

apt install jigasi

during install:

prosodyctl register jigasiadmin meeting.myurl mypassword

nano /etc/jitsi/jigasi/sip-communicator.properties

#If you want jigasi to perform authenticated login instead of anonymous login
#to the XMPP server, you can set the following properties.

#To fix SSL/TLS required by client but not supported by server

After that restart the services:
sudo systemctl restart prosody.service jicofo.service jitsi-videobridge2.service jigasi.service