Jitsi Meet issues - each participant could see/hear a random number of attendees

The Tcl language community has switched from Zoom to Jitsi Meet for monthly virtual meetups. It worked well in April but the May 9th call at 1800 UTC failed badly. Each participant could hear/see a random number of others. Disconnecting and reconnecting gave you a different group of people you could hear.

Has anyone else experienced this? Could it have been load on the server? Is there any way to diagnose the problem further?

Thanks for any insights.

Steve L.

We discovered an issue in the backend, that was fixed a little bit after your call. If this happens again report the problem with the link to the call and the approximate time of the call. You can send the report here or in a personal message to me or an email to damencho at jitsi dot org.

Thanks for the prompt response! I’ll make sure any further problems are reported as you suggest.

Thank you.