Jitsi meet is there max bitrate cap?

Is there a max limit cap for video bitrate?
Testing on local lan and the video bitrate is 2mbps, is this being capped by a hard limit in the config?
If there is a cap is it based off estimated bandwidth or is it a hard default limit?

There is a cap of 2500 I think https://github.com/jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet/commit/a6fd643e060dc63833ce2d291903b8233202a90d
Is this in p2p mode or with the bridge?
And the commit above is rather new, but it got into stable yesterday.

I tested with p2p, is it the same with bridge or less? Shouldn’t the max bitrate cap be based off available bandwidth and the number of users in the chat rather than a fixed value which cannot be changed in the config file?

Maybe an option can be added to the config file to set the max bitrate.

This is only when media is routed through jvb: https://github.com/jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet/commit/a6fd643e060dc63833ce2d291903b8233202a90d#diff-f439e8319bfd0bb8b632a895127bde3eR1738
In p2p we leave both chrome instances to decide what to use and how much to send.
In jvb mode, we had figure out that sending more than this there is no point and it is per simulcast layer.

The actual rate that is used is always based on the available bandwidth. But Chrome also caps the rate based on resolution (2.5Mbps for 720p). Our javascript code is only meant to restore the defaults in case we lowered the cap (which we do in an ongoing experiment for screensharing).