Jitsi Meet is not working in UAE


Jitsi meet is not working in UAE, before it was perfectly working and now it is not working


I’m afraid you’re a little low on details, which makes it hard for anyone to diagnose this problem. All I can tell you is that it’s working for me, at the moment that I’m typing this.

Exactly what isn’t working for you? Doesn’t the website load at all? Does it, but can’t you establish a conference? Are there any errors being displayed?

From this Wikipedia article, I gather that it is not uncommon for some internet access to be restricted by the UAE authorities. Could it be that there has been a policy change in this regards?


we are using jitsi meet android app in UAE and web app in india. The conference started and getting break out.


sounds like jvb problem…are you using your own deployment or meet.jit.si?


we are in our own deployment and this was working perfectly fine 2 weeks ago too. now its stoped working. It is working fine with other places.