Jitsi-meet is ignoring video settings in config.js

My selfhosted jitsi-meet was working fine at 1080p until some of latest update came in. My config is:

resolution: 1080,
        constraints: {
             video: {
                    height: {
                    ideal: 1080,
                    max: 1080,
                    min: 240

Now it is ignoring these settings, video maxes out at 720p and never goes higher. Even if I put some lower values (ideal/max 480) it also goes to 720p. What happened?

@karolgol, Welcome to the community!

There are a few files that look the same on the default install. You may already know this, but make sure you are editing:
/etc/jitsi/meet/meet.your_domain.com-config.js and not:
/usr/share/jitsi-meet-web-config/config.js which is an example file.

You can find them by running:
sudo find /etc -name '*config.js' && sudo find /usr/share/ -name '*config.js'

Hope this helps!

Yup, of course I’m editing “my-domain-config.js”. It was working fine before. I don’t know what happened after update.

There could be a new bug. Any ideas @saghul or @gpolitis?

don’t bother with that, it’s not used

Welcome to the community @karolgol :slight_smile: The issue that @gpatel-fr referenced is about mobile it seems. @karolgol are you talking about mobile or web or both? Do you have a deployment address where we can check?

I’m talking about web, I’m not using mobile. I would rather not share my url public, can I send it to You in some private way?

Yes, I think you can send me a private message here. Otherwise support at jitsi.org works too.

Check File permissions on the server

Sorry to bother, but I can’t find any private messaging here :thinking:

Maybe it is related to this?

* ref(constants): use 720 for the high quality level

Found that in latest changelog https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/releases/download/stable%2Fjitsi-meet_4857/jitsi-meet_1.0.4289_CHANGELOG.txt

well, this forum could include in the welcome some link to the Discourse documentation, or even some direct useful info. Sigh.
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