Jitsi-Meet iOS SDK Xcode 11.4 and Swift 5.1 error

Hi all, I am trying to integrate Jitsi Meet iOS SDK in native ios code. I went through the following issue while integrating Jitsi-Meet iOS SDK in Xcode 11.4 and Swift 5.1

I tried adding the SDK using cocoapods and the workspace was successfully created. But After adding the “import JitsiMeet” statement to the view controller and building the project, the following errors were encountered.

I also tried copying the “JitsiMeet.framework” and “WebRTC.framework” files directly to Xcode, but am still getting the above errors.

Kindly update on these issues as well.


I was able to compile the latest SDK using Xcode 11.3.

Steps for Integration.

Integrate the latest SDK using cocoa pods.
Then in the buildsettings of .xcworkspace created, change the following flags.
set “Enable Bitcode” flag to “No
set “Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries” to “Yes

Build again using Xcode 11.3 and the issues were resolved.

Am attaching screenshots for same along with the podfile used.

Hope it helps.


i have same problem? how can i fix it ?

I also have the same issue.

Hi, this is not an answer to Xcode 11.4 issue, but I can confirm that after downgrading to Xcode 11.3 (as suggested above), I got everything working. Hope it helps.

Thanks @ersoy , I did the same. Which is fine for now.

Hi, Im using Xocde 11.3 and latest SDK 2.9.0. I tried your steps but still facing this issue. Kindly help me out…

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jitsi implemented in my code and set bitcode is = NO but after uploading build on itunes connect build is not showing. When again bitcode set as YES and remove jitsi SDK in project and re upload the build after that buils is showing. How to fix this issue

I followed what you have mentioned but still getting same errors. Can you please help ?

i am also facing same issue in xcode 11.3