Jitsi Meet iOS SDK inviate.enable flag does nothing

I have this code which set jitsi configuration

let options = JitsiMeetConferenceOptions.fromBuilder { [weak self] builder in
        guard let strongSelf = self else { return }
        builder.serverURL = strongSelf.room.serverUrl
        builder.room = strongSelf.room.roomName
        builder.subject = strongSelf.room.title
        builder.token = strongSelf.room.token
        builder.audioOnly = false
        builder.audioMuted = true
        builder.videoMuted = true
        builder.setFeatureFlag("chat.enabled", withBoolean: true)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("invite.enabled", withBoolean: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("call-integration.enabled", withBoolean: true)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("calendar.enabled", withBoolean: false)
        builder.userInfo = JitsiMeetUserInfo(displayName: strongSelf.room.user.name,
                                             andEmail: nil,
                                             andAvatar: strongSelf.room.user.avatarUrl)

However, no matter what I do invite button is there forever

Is there a way to fix this, or can you locate me to the sdk file which handle that (I’m not familiar with react-native)

PS. I build the sdk manually using this commit https://github.com/EkoCommunications/jitsi-meet which 2.6 sdk version