Jitsi meet ionic iOS pip


We have developed a ionic app using the last jitsi meet sdk plugin (3.1.0). In iOS we have noticed that picture in picture functionality is not present. We have configured pip in Xcode background mode but nothing changed.

Any help?


The standard iOS doesn’t work because WebRTC doesn’t use AVPlayer for video playback. We do have some pip functionality, but it requires cooperation from the host app: jitsi-meet-sdk-samples/ios/swift-pip/JitsiSDKTest at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet-sdk-samples · GitHub


We have added pip and voice over ip background modes and we have yet tested that incoming and outgoing video work fine. We are not able to see the default video in iconized window :frowning:

Please read my message. Jitsi (or any WebRTC application for that matter) cannot use the system PiP capabilities.