Jitsi Meet - Internal_Plain - Pass user/password from code


I have a platform that create a room in a self-hosted Jitsi using prosody’s “Internal_plain” authentication.

So, the user that I configured works perfectly when I create a room out of my platform (It question the user/pass and when I put, entry).

But now I want that when I create a room from my platform, I want to pass the user/password automatically. In this way, the host would automatically enter while waiting for the other guests.

It’s possible?

I have the same question.
At the moment, i use the following solution:
On the machine I create the rooms, the user and password are stored within a cookie (at least I think that’s where it’s stored) and i didn’t use private mode within firefox and also don’t clear the cookies and historie.

Well, I spend 2 hours playing with cookies and session storage but, when arrive to authenticate, don’t fill the data automatically.

How did you this??

You can store the username and password in the browser’s password manager.

I don’t think you can “pass” username and password in the url