Jitsi Meet Integration

I have developed application for Education management system where schools can arrange their Virtual Classes Host will start meeting through web application where I have integrated Jitsi meet external API to Start meeting after starting meeting i have sent invite URL to participant with some extra prams

Base URL : jitsi.meet
Room Name: unique name
Toolbar Button: I want to show specific Button for participant & some kind of setting which i want to set on participant side.

Everything is up and running but there is some problem which I have facing during meeting.

  1. When meeting start sometime participant can’t hear Host voice and sometime host can’t listen to participant & voice distortion on meeting.
  2. Second problem is hardware which is connected with PC like Headphones & camera are not working properly the same hardware when we use on ZOOM its working fine.
  3. I’ve Allow host to mute-everyone but then participant un-mute themselves is there option to block participant mute button when host allow only than participant can un-mute itself?
  4. Is there any option to host can listen only specific participant only all participants ?
  5. In my case Jitsi own instance will resolve my issue?
  6. Which is better Idea to have Own Instance or Jitsi Meet Integration.
  7. What about core-android is there any support available to integrate Jitsi on Android devices?
  8. How to end Meeting when host leave the room any API available to destroy the Room?
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