Jitsi meet installed using machine IP address (not able to access from other devices on same network)

I have installed jitsi meet in VMware ubuntu, while installing I have given my ubuntu machine ip address as hostname (like this > 192.xxx.xxx.xxx), I am able to access jiti meet portal using ip address from ubuntu and from windows, but I am not able to access from other mobile, desktop as they are connected to same network

For mobile you need valid certificates, which will not work when using ip address.

Yes, but it should have worked with desktop, basically it’s like this there is a wifi network and two users are connected to it one is the the ubuntu VM on which jitsi meet server runs and other two are the user who connect using the ip address which was used during jitsi meet hostname setup.

Have you forwarded the needed ports, what is the ip address that jvb reports as its public address?
Probably you want manually to setup the addresses of jvb, check advanced section of https://jitsi.org/qi for all of those