Jitsi Meet installation with Apache behind NginX-proxy-Manager

I have an installation of Jitsi Meet that works perfectly if I have it connected directly via port forwarding to the public internet. I recently had to install NginX Proxy Manager to host more than one web server behind my router. The Jitsi Server did not like the proxy. I reinstalled Jitsi Server with Apache instead of NginX. My NginX Proxy Manager was happy and everything was reachable. The problem I have is that Jitsi with Apache allows a user outside my LAN to connect for no more than 10 seconds where upon they get the “disconnected a problem has occurred message”. What special adjustments need to be made to the Apache configuration to improve its reliability?

Alternatively, I would really like to run the standard version with NginX but I don’t understand how to get Jitsi-nginx running behind NginX-Proxy-Manager. Does anyone have ideas?

I have the same problem that you. I reinstall 4 times but i can’t what i do wrong…

Hi @Scott_T1 & @waml0478 - did you figure out the problem or are you still having the same issue?

I’ve installed Nginx Proxy Manager (V2.4.0) (latest) and am getting the 502 Bad Gateway error.

My setup was using Nginx with Jitsi. I’ll give it a try with Apache with Jitsi…

Still having issues… I install Jitsiin Apache and there is not problem but when i install in Nginx + Apache i have issues…

The standard Jitsi installation includes NginX, which does not play well behind NginX Proxy Manager. When I installed Apache2 and then installed Jitsi, it worked perfectly behind NginX Proxy Manager. However, your conversations only last 10 seconds or less and then you are disconnected. That tells me that the reverse proxy solution behind NginX Proxy Manager has stability issues.

My end solution is rock solid. I use NginX Proxy Manager for my various web services that I want to share behind NAT. For Jitsi Meet, I do not use IPv4 at all and so I do not need NginX Proxy Manager.

My Jitsi Meet installation is solely IPv6 and works absolutely perfectly.