Jitsi Meet Installation Error

I have been trying to install JitsiMeet on my local network(also tried on computer with public IP) following this document(Self-Hosting Guide - Docker · Jitsi Meet Handbook). However, I repetitively see the same unplesent error:
" You have been disconnected."

Browser Console Error
*> *
> strophe.umd.js:5463 WebSocket connection to ‘wss:///xmpp-websocket?room=instantequalitieseducatepotentially’ failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
> _connect @ lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=4466:1
> Logger.js:154 2021-06-11T07:36:33.935Z [JitsiMeetJS.js] <Object.getGlobalOnErrorHandler>: UnhandledError: null Script: null Line: null Column: null StackTrace: Error: Strophe: Websocket error [object Event]
> at Object.r.Strophe.log (lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=4466:17)
> at Object.error (lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=4466:1)
> at N.Websocket._onError (lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=4466:1)

I saw many other posts mentioning that setting a PUBLIC_URL flag will solve this issue. However, this error persists on my machine.

NOTE: I am using self-signed SSL certificate and Letsencrypt is disabled.

Thanking you in advance. :slight_smile:

Check if you have opened all necessary firewall ports…

If you are behind a NAT, port forwarding should be done…

Thank you @Prashanth. I have made sure that all necessary ports are open.

Ok. So all good now? Or do you have the same issue?

Initially I had a similar issue because at the time I was using Apache and my config was missing “ProxyPass /xmpp-websocket” statements.

These are the links that helped me with a number of issues that I first had for …
Debian 10, Apache2 web server jitsi-meet installed using;

Ubuntu/Debian Installation Instructions & Repository
Self-Hosting Guide - Debian/Ubuntu server · Jitsi Meet Handbook
jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet.example-apache at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub
Configure Apache with Let’s Encrypt :: ownCloud Documentation