Jitsi-meet install that works with most corporate firewalls

Hi there,

I’ve successfully installed multiple VMs (4vCPU, 8GbRam, 400Mbs) with Jitsi-meet standard install (apt install -y jitsi-meet). This works like a charm, except for most of my clients, that are big corporate, under proxys or VPN.

I understood that the fact that every components (especially jvb) runs on the same VM prevent my install to use only “standards” 80/443 ports (4443 and 10000). I understood that for maximum reach in my clients setups (though, some of them should whitelist my domain/IPs) I should have:

  • every components except jvb on one VM (jitsi-meet, prosody, jifco?)
  • jvb on another machine
  • maybe one turn (coturn) server for all these couples jitsi/jvb?

Is that correct?

If so, is it possible to “update” my quick install, “detach” somehow the jvb on the VM, re-install it on another VM and link it to the existing VM? Or should I start with a fresh manual (non quick install) on two new VMs ?

Furthermore, could you link me to any useful tutorial/resources to do so ? (I found one for coturn server).

Thanks a lot for your help

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