Jitsi meet install on new Ubuntu Server VirtuaBox VM

Hello everyone.

I have an Ubuntu Server installed as a vm through VirtuaBox. It is currently in Bridged Mode networking. I have dynamic DNS through noip.com. I have named the server, and modified the hosts file to reflect the hostname+ddns as the FQDN. I have set the sever to have a static IP address in my local network’s range. The installation of jitsi meet went through with no problems. I gave the server the same name as the FQDN (hostname+ddns). I installed the letsencrypt cert with one error - it couldn’t resolve the dns. I have setup virtual server ports on my router to forward ports 443/tcp and 10000/udp to the virtual machine’s static ip address. I have made firewall rules in Ubuntu, making sure ports 80, 443, and 10000 are open for traffic. The harvester public address of my server is the current public address of my router. Although, it changes every so often. That’s why I have a ddns.

#1 - Am I doing this right?
#2 - Should the vm be in NAT for increased security?
#3 - If the VM is in NAT, how should I configure port forwarding within VirtuaBox, and on the router?
#4 - Should the harvester Public_Address be the current public IP of my router?

I can ping the server from my computer where it is installed through VirtuaBox. However, I cannot bring up the jitsi meet page. Please assist, and thank you in advance.

Hello everyone
I installed Ubuntu Desktop as a VM via VirtualBox. You have currently set up a bridge mode network. Based on the generated IP, freenom created a domain and assigned an A record. The installation of jitsi meet went without any problems. However, if the letsencypt certificate is installed, the domain IP appears to be invalid.
Connect to the created domain and you will see the jitsi meet splash screen. However, I am unable to start the meeting due to an unknown error when starting jitsi Meet Conference.
It seems that the IP connection is not working properly while using Virtualbox. Has Michaelbyrd solved your current problem? If you solved it, I wonder how you solved it.