Jitsi Meet install on 1&1 IONOS V-Server

i try to install Jitsi Meet on a virtual server from 1&1 IONOS with ubuntu 18.04. I found two methods. Because on the server is nginx port 80 and plesk port 8443 installed, i run in problems.

  1. Docker Installation

i stop this services
systemctl stop nginx | http stop
service sw-cp-server stop | plesk stop

i run though the installation and i can start a secure videoconference, but only with 2 Persons, when a new person comes in, i lost video and audio from all persons without me.


  • How can i use my webserver and plesk again
    best way:
    www.mydomain.com = website
    meet.mydomain.com = jitsi videoconference

  • How can i make videoconferences with more than 2 persons

  1. Basic Install from jitsi

i dont stop the two services nginx and plesk. i run though the installation but i get problems with the ssl certificate

when i start this

Challenge failed for domain meet.mydomain.com

i thing i have acme problems, bebause the txt i see, is not the same as in the dns record, because it was generated new.

without the ssl configuration i cant start the jitsi services