Jitsi Meet instability for since midnight UTC February 9, 2023

Hello, all. We have noticed random instability for different rooms in meet.jit.si. There are frequent disconnects and reconnects often land the disconnected users in different rooms with the same name. In other words, Users A,B,C,D, and E all reconnect but A and E see only A and E while B,C, and D see only B, C, and D - as if the head end has two instances of the same room.

This is not with all rooms. For example, I have one monitor with two different Jitsi Meet rooms displayed. One has been stable while the other keeps disconnecting and reconnecting with different sets of users each time it reconnects.

We first noticed this behavior at around midnight UTC February 9, 2023. We have had reports of this for at least three different rooms.


Thank you. We are aware of the problem and we are working on fixing it.


This is fixed now, sorry for the inconveniences.


And thank you for the report.


We have the same problem here at Fortaleza, Brazil

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that’s ok now, thanks!