Jitsi-meet in Intranet

I installed Jitsi-meet in VM (Debian strech)
It is supposed to be used only locally in Intranet.

with 2 persons it is working fine (-> sharing documents)
But after a 3. person entered the sharing of documents and camera is not working anylonger.
I testet with Chrome. Firefox was not working at all.

someone can help ?
best regards KH

Follow https://jitsi.org/qi and the advanced section, it is port forwarding or firewall problem.

I want to use jitsi only in INTRANET (!!!) . so everything happens behind the NAT.
I dont want my server to open to the world.

I don’t know if you make it work solely within a LAN.

However, if you install it normally, and allow external access, and then use the “secure domain” configuration, that would prevent anyone but you / your chosen users from being able to start a conference.

You could also try to put a rule on web server, which drops all traffic from external IP addresses.