Jitsi Meet Iframe Stop Recording Function Is Not Working

We are having some issues with implementing the stop recording function into a button that stops the livestream. We have it working to start the livestream and go live.

The stopRecording command does not stop the youtube livestream recording. I tried with and without the youtubeStrreamKey as a parameter. There are no errors. It simply does not stop the stream recording.

cmdbutton.onclick = function fun() {
api.executeCommand(‘startRecording’, {mode: ‘stream’, youtubeStreamKey: ‘7xm5-fp9t-wpyf-y9jt-1ghk’ });


stopbutton.onclick = function stop() {
api.executeCommand(‘stopRecording’, {mode: ‘stream’} );
// api.executeCommand(‘stopRecording’, {mode: ‘stream’, youtubeStreamKey: ‘7xm5-fp9t-wpyf-y9jt-1ghk’} );




If anyone comes across this thread, you should not be sending an object with the stopRecording command. Just a string that tells the mode.

So this is how to stop the recording:

api.executeCommand('stopRecording', 'stream');