Jitsi Meet Iframe Dropbox Recording


I am using the Jitsi Meet Iframe. When recording to Dropbox, the video recording is extremely laggy with choppiness in the video or the video freezes and you only hear the audio. This happens every time and I am curious if anyone else has faced this issue.

At this point from my team’s experience, it seems that Jitsi Meet Iframe is unusable due to the nature of the extremely poor quality recordings. I have tried Zoom recording to compare and I’m only having this issue with the Jitsi Meet Iframe.

Would love to hear the community’s thoughts and if there is a solution of any form.

Is this on meet.jit.si or your own deployment?

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Hi Damian,

I’m currently using meet.jit.si

@damencho, would love your quality assistance.

Were all participants having same experience, seeing same poor video from the same participant?

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Thanks for the quick reply @damencho! Yes all participants have the same experience. This is on varied internet speeds and computers with different processing power as well as with mobile.

The video quality has no issues when we are just video chatting, the issues arise once you record through Dropbox or try to livestream to YouTube with meet.jit.si. When you watch the live stream or dropbox file the quality issues arise.

When there is no recording, but just chatting … Are you just two participants or more?

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@damencho I have tried chatting solo, recording solo, chatting with two or three participants on both computer and mobile, as well as recording with two or three participants on both computer and mobile.

I’m trying to understand whether the issue can be the internet between the clients and jvb.
If you connect with 3 or more clients is the quality good or it is similar to the recording?
We haven’t seen bad network or recordings from jibri if clients network are fine. Check out for example the community calls we stream.record every two weeks: https://www.youtube.com/c/JitsiOrg/videos

What do you mean by clients vs jvb?

If I connect with 3 or more clients the quality is good. If I try to record it get significantly worse.

I’m asking how many participants are in the call. When there are 2, media can be p2p.
When you are using jibri or 3 people or more you are using jvb.
I’m trying to figure out is your connectivity to the jvb good. If you are 3 participants and quality is good then its not that… In what country are you and the rest of the participants?

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Ah I understand now.

We’re experiencing comparable issues with both 2 and 3 participants, so I suppose it is when using jvb and not using it.

We are all located in the same city in the United States.

I want to give you a HUGE thanks for the assistance. Even though this is opensource software, the jitsi community is as good and responsive as it gets!