Jitsi Meet Iframe API

Hello all,
I have just begun working to integrate the Jitsi Meet Iframe API and this is my first time posting to the community.

After spending a few hours looking through documentation and the forum, I have not found any info on my issue.

I am looking to enable a user to participate in a video conference through Jitsi Meet and then embed that video for other users following them to view on another page but not be able to join. Essentially, someone like a host of a podcast can start a Jitsi Meet conference that is then displayed for others to view.

I would have the one page for the user hosting the Jitsi Meeting (already working) and another page which broadcasts that video (need help with).

I have no code to post as I don’t know where to start. I was hoping someone could point me to some documentation or a working example. Again I have the meeting part working, I need to let fans watch the meeting without being in the meeting.

I hope I’ve made this clear enough and really appreciate all your help.