Jitsi Meet hostname change

Hello Jitsi Fellows.

I had a questions (I actually got many but I do one at the time)

So you setup Jitsi meet all works fine. but then you for some reason need/want to change the hostname.

where and how do you proceed to make those changes?

Please forgive, if that has already been asked. I searched and couldn’t find anything.

The easiest way is purge (deleting all configs https://jitsi.org/qi#uninstall) and install from scratch. There are few tricks that you can do in nginx … by changing the virtualhost to the new name, fixing certificates and then edit the bosh proxy to always report host as the old name.

thank you very much damencho!
it is very encouraging to see how engage you are in helping us. really appreciated.

I have the same question, and this isn’t working for me.

I’ve done the uninstall (https://jitsi.org/qi#uninstall) and then I reinstalled with:

apt-get -y install jitsi-meet

but I am not asked for the hostname for the server.

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Same problem here: I’m just asked wich certificate i want to install, not for the FQDN. I even tried to manually change the hostname in all config files, wich get removed upon purging the installation with the provided command. I just want to move the jitsi installation to a subdomain, but all ‘old’ fixes seem to not work anymore.

Found it! I had the same problem.

You have to remove the jitsi lines from

at least in a debian system. I found it by greping for the wrong domain name in the var directory.

Hello, same for me. I have Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS running.
–>What must be done in this system that I am asked again for the hostname? /var/debconf/congig.dat I did not find on my system.
–>Beside a deinstallation (remove purge) which config- or similar files and directories must be deleted/edited additionally to begin really from scratch?

I need that in the context that the last weeks using the quick-install-guide and spending hours but hours I did not got jitsi running: I got the web-page but my webcam could not connect. The only special conditions I see here is that I can not set the hostname as I like. This is “a law” from the server provider.
I have a given hostname host1234.serverprovider.net (where serverprovider.net seems to be the domain of that provider) and a domain mydomain.de for which I have a SSL-certificate.

–> What do I have to enter when I am asked for the hostname during installation. What else do I have to adjust during installation that my server can be accessed under my nice domain name, that my SSL-Certificate can be used but that all components of jitsi find each other?

There is and shall be nothing else on the server than jitsi. I am only to 5% an IT-expert and to 95% “just a user” therefore an easy approach “remove everything and straight forward fresh install” is preferred instead of "edit config-file xyz, start script uvw,… another script, configure-make-install, do something with ‘daemons’ ". Since less than 2 years Linux Mint User. Want to advertise for Open Source solutions among my friends, look for alternative for overwhelming Skype, unfortunatly I am only slightly better than the typical “setup.exe-user”. Having an “own server”, connect via ssh and start “scripts” - all these are already adventures.
Thanks in advance

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In Ubuntu 18.04 the config.dat file can be found in /var/cache/debconf

Thanks IGenie for this fix

For anyone else struggling with a complete uninstall, add autoremove after your purge:

So do this first (identical to uninstall instructions)
apt purge jigasi jitsi-meet jitsi-meet-web-config jitsi-meet-prosody jitsi-meet-turnserver jitsi-meet-web jicofo jitsi-videobridge2

But add this afterwards
apt autoremove

If you are looking for the cache file on Debian Buster, do this:
cd /var/cache/debconf/

And in there you will see the file config.dat with several jitsi-related configuration blocks like this one:
Name: jitsi-meet/cert-choice
Template: jitsi-meet/cert-choice
Value: I want to use my own certificate
Owners: jitsi-meet-web-config
Flags: seen

Remember to look for blocks for all components: jicofo, prosody, jigasi. On a vanilla install, I count 8 such blocks, all subsequently, nice and orderly :slight_smile:


To change the hostname after installing jitsi meet, you can call the package that contains the hostname which is jitsi-videobridge2 and use dpkg-reconfigure to reconfigure it.

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@youthpolicy Thank you, that helped. According to my experience, I think this issue appears in case if multiple installations over the same machine.

Saved my arss

Then How to solve the SSL issues
if an old domain is jitsi.example1.com and new one is jitsi.example2.com
& do we need to change all the config file eg prosody

The jitsi.example2.com should have its own conf file. Then run certbot for the second domain and you’ll get the ssl certificate for the other domain as well.