Jitsi-meet github repo tags

I see that jitsi-meet github repo has 2 types of tags. First type is all numbers and second type is “jitsi-meet_NUMBER” . Could someone please explain the reasoning behind this different tag scheme. Both these tag types point to same commit SHA in many cases I see.

Hello @damencho ,

Is this the answer to my questions above?

However stable/jitsi-meet_XXXX only has few tags now. Most of them are jitsi_meet_XXXX . Are they the same as stable/jitsi_meet_XXXX ?

The whole thing is not documented officially because it has no relation to the code itself and is more used for internal needs of the Jitsi-meet implementation, so it’s explained all over the place - in forum posts. Save aggravation when the implementation makes a change convenient, nothing has been promised. Outside of the forum posts you can take a look at the github repo for Debian, so if you can figure out the whole damn thing yourself and explain it to me I’d be grateful :slight_smile:

Tags like Release 5202 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub corresponds to https://download.jitsi.org/unstable/jitsi-meet-web_1.0.5202-1_all.deb

Tag Release jitsi-meet_6159 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub corresponds to https://download.jitsi.org/unstable/jitsi-meet_2.0.6159-1_all.deb which is the meta-package that bonds different versions of jitsi-meet-web, jicofo and jvb. So the same tag jitsi-meet_6159 you can find in jvb and jicofo repos and of course in GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet-debian-meta: Jitsi Meet meta debian package.

stable/jitsi-meet_XXXX corresponds to those tags for the meta package and are created when we push a new stable release.

You can see of the time of writing this the stable release is 2.0.5963 which will have tags all around jitsi-meet_5963 and it consists of jitsi-meet-web 1.0.5056, jicofo 1.0-756, jitsi-videobridge 2.1-508-gb24f756c.

We have plans to move jitsi-meet-web and jicofo tags to the same scheme as jvb, but this had been the plan for 4-5 years now and we haven’t finished it unfortunately :frowning:

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awesome thanks @damencho

Hello @damencho …you mentioned that jitsi-meet_XXXX correspond to UNSTABLE release whereas stable/jitsi-meet_XXXX correspont to STABLE release.

So if we were to use jitsi-meet in our production deployments, we should stay away from jitsi-meet_XXXX and only use stable/jitsi-meet_XXXX ?

Also what tag does the current meet.jit.si run on? just curious

Opening the index.html on meet.jit.si you can see in v= a number which corresponds to which jitsi-meet-web is that, in the console when there are more than one participant you can see jvb and jicofo versions and from that you may find the meta package. But there is no way to see the meta package version on meet.jit.si.
Yep, using stable tags is good, but make sure you can easily update. The browsers update every 4 to 6 weeks and expect sometimes the pace of the projects in same intervals …

thanks @damencho