Jitsi Meet freezes when Redux Devtools loaded

We’ve noticed that the browser tab running Jitsi Meet becomes unresponsive the moment Redux Devtools is loaded. This happens even when Redux Devtools is loaded in a different tab for a different site. If Jitsi is loaded in multiple tabs, then all these tabs freeze too. Other tabs in the browser running other sites are unaffected.

Only just discovered this today when a fellow developer kept dropping off the call when we were discussing redux states for a different app :rofl:

I can repro the same behaviour on meet.jit.si too. Using Brave and Chrome.

Anyone else seeing this?

I think it’s due to us having tons of actions firing :scream:

Would have been less surprised if that happened when I loaded devtools for Jitsi itself.

Was not expecting it to be affected by me debugging a different site on a different tab. I’m of course naively assuming that Redux Devtools would only interact with the tab it is opened in and not in all tabs :roll_eyes:

In case this bothers anyone else, I managed to workaround the issue by changing the “Site access” permissions for the extension and allowing it to run only on specific sites. This enabled me to use Redux DevTools for the whitelisted sites without affecting ongoing Jitsi meetings.