Jitsi Meet for Android cannot connect to my server


I have a odd issue. I cannot connect to my server, where Jitsi is running. I use Jitsi Meet for Android from F-Droid. It works nice with the default server (I presume it’s meet.jitsi.org). Do I have to chenge something on the server side?
It work nice with the desktop version of Jitsi Meet (on Fedora).

edit: I have letsencrypt…

Can you give some more detail on what you mean when you say it doesn’t work? Did you type the full meeting link in the roomname field (e.g. https://your.domain.com/roomname)?

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Yes, I tried with the full link and with setting the server URL in the settings. I get

The connection has been cut.

And unfer this line it is written than it will try to reconnect and count down of cca. 20 seconds.

I tried over the mobile data and wifi.

Check do you have the full cert chain configured: https://whatsmychaincert.com/

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Thanks, will check it out.