Jitsi Meet footer image configuration

Hello! I wanted to ask, i’m trying to replace these pictures to my one one, but the problem is that, when i make the same resolution for my pictures, which is the same as the original images in footer, but my photos still are smaller than original. Could someone help please?
image this is the original images and this is when i’m trying to replace to my images

Help please

@damencho @Prashanth

Hi Gamer,

Would you be able to post (attach) the original images, and the replaced images.

Two thoughts that come to my mind are;

  1. Are both images of the same file type?
  2. If you open them in the same editing application, and check the resolution of the image, what are the stated resolutions for each of the images (original and replaced).

Hello , @GeorgeJitsi . Sure. So for example this is the original image which is in the jitsti meet system:
And here is the image, which i want to replace with my own in the footer
What’s the difference between them?

Hi Gamer,

Thanks for the two images, I saved them to my Windows 10 computer and compared the size of the two images, they were the same size, as you said, 180x40 pixels.

However the images when I look at them are very different, your modified image has a white space (that is a white boarder around the sides of the black area), particularly the top and bottom of the image.

I wanted to find a way to explain this to you, so I opened both images into Windows Paint program and too a screen shot showing the differences. I hope this helps you realise what the difference is, so you can look into the way you created the new image, and correct your image in the way you want it to be.


I hope this helps you, and that you can find another way to create your images.

@GeorgeJitsi Hello. Thank you for your reply! Yes, i modifed it, because by default this image was so big like this. Maybe you know how to create with pixels but without white border? See that it’s so big but when i’m modifing it it’s with white borders. Waiting for your reply!


Gamer, I am not the greatest when it comes to editing images.

Using GIMP, I managed to crop your .png file and hopefully save it out as a .png file (see above attached file. Please see if the cropped image is useful for you. If not, then sorry, you will need to learn how to use GIMP or other such editing program better than what I have. I do hope it works for you.

I will try and then will write here

So i’ve tryed and look

Found. Thank you @GeorgeJitsi very much!