Jitsi_meet flutter

Hi I had integrated Jitsi Meet SDK with my flutter application but how can I set a specific person as a moderator and moreover unmute option is available to everyone how can I enable it to the moderator and disable that feature to everyone.

I had tried this approach to make someone as a moderator and unmute all,lobby mode disable and screen sharing disable is not available as a feature flag in JITsi.

if (admin == "admin") {
    featureFlag.kickOutEnabled = true;
    featureFlag.meetingPasswordEnabled = true;
    featureFlag.videoShareButtonEnabled = true;
    featureFlag.liveStreamingEnabled = true;

Whether one is moderator or not depends on the backend? Are you using your own backend?

I am using firebase as my backend

am currently doing the same thing as yours, please were you able to add other feature flags??