Jitsi Meet Flutter, recording is not visible in dropbox

have integrated Jitsi_meet in flutter application and I started the recording, but that is not visible in the dropbox app, instead it is saying the recorded session will be stored by the recording service. not able to understand where to search for the recorded sessions… please help.

what flutter component are u using?

this one?

I dont think is possible to manage the dropbox signin using the public infraestructure using flutter widget. You would need to setup your own server and have a jibri integration.

Thank you Edgar for your response… I have a doubt, the recording will only be stored on the server not in the mobile phone… right?

Rigth recording is server based.

On the other hand instead of using Flutter you can use the Jitsi SDK for android and ios and follow the dropbox setup for android

and for ios

look for the Dropbox integration area

that way you would be able to use public jitsi with drop box setup

Okay, Thank you so much Edgar…

Hello @Pooja_Sinha did you manage to store recording in flutter?