Jitsi meet Fixed User ID

Hi i am using jitsi meet API for integration with my school project for virtual classes when participant joined trigger are fire on joining and based on joining i want to mark students attendance the issue is while participant are joining jitsi will assign unique Id for every participant is there any pattern to bind fixed id or any invite parameter so i can mark attendance base on this.

You need to enable some authentication to have consistent user ids.

how i can achieve it ? is there any docs for it ?

You could just add a landing page where the student enters their name and ID and when the form is submitted, load the Jitsi API and hit your backend with that ID for attendance.

well the case is different i will send invite URL for every student base on class and when student will join class i will maintain participant collection via particpantjoined event and when class will end than i will mark only those student who are available at this time which will get from my internal participant collection in that case lets suppose i’ll get 10 Students in my collection but how could i identify actual student Id or name ?

hi @rizwanfancy is there any way you find? I want to achieve same thing as of yours

yes i’ve achieved it through sending invite URL working. when i was sent invite URL i have Student Identity in URL Display name params so when student will join i can identity student with display name params in participant joined function and maintain the list

below sample URL for your reference
meet.jit.si/roomName#userInfo.displayName=“100000001|Rizwan|1|” etc

Thanks for this. With this I was able to show proper display name. However id of newly joined user is still random.

This is how anonymous login works, creates a random user id in the xmpp server.


Is there a way ( there must be) I can create user id of my choice and use it in connection? Or create one when user joins room?

This can be achieved when using authentication, or maybe with custom changes to the jwt modules if using jwt.

Got it. How can I access user object or specifically user id?

I simply made some changes in react project. Made build and uploaded build files in lib. Now it gives me

UnhandledError: null Script: null Line: null Column: null StackTrace: Error: Strophe: BOSH-Connection failed: host-unknown
at Object.r.Strophe.log (strophe.util.js:89)
at Object.error (strophe.umd.js:1392)
at D.Bosh._connect_cb (strophe.umd.js:4697)
at I.Connection._connect_cb (strophe.umd.js:3229)
at D.Bosh._onRequestStateChange (strophe.umd.js:5012)

I also tried with make source-package and faced the same issue.

Hi I tried by many ways but I am still stuck in this.