Jitsi Meet Feature Development for Novice Programmers - Summer Course

I am planning to develop a summer course designed to teach participants how to develop and test features on a video conferencing application. I am currently reading through Jitsi docs and this forum to get a better sense of what all I would need to do to prepare for such a course but I was hoping that some people here could expedite aspects of this process.

Below is my current idea and please feel free to chime in if you see issues with anything I am proposing:

  • use AWS or Google Cloud Compute to create an Ubuntu instance and then follow the instructions on this page to build the Jitsi Meet application
  • modify the code to add/modify Jitsi Meet features
  • Rebuild Jitsi-Meet and follow this video’s instructions to create a URL for others to use and test the newly-built features

Beyond whether this will work, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could share any potential pitfalls or hurdles I might encounter if I go this route.

Thank you!

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For bullet point one, I worked on development locally and I was able to modify an existing feature for bullet point two. However, if I wanted to add a feature to the jitsi-meet/react/features/ directory, what other files would I need to modify such that the feature would show up in the “More actions” menu within jitsi-meet?


I would be interested in such a course.

I could help documenting/comparing this to using Proxmox VE and do the same using an LXC container. This can all be done on your LAN 100% (provided you have some basic hardware). I am interested in self-hosting Jitsi Meet, but it would also be nice to have a test/dev environment that won’t have any recurring charges.