Jitsi Meet fails when second user joins

Hi everybody,

I installed Jitsi on my server, and it was working beautifully for a short while, but now when we start a conversation, it seems to boot everybody out of the conversation after a couple seconds.

Any help is very much appreciated,



I should also mention that I did not change the configuration of my server at all in the time that it stopped working. Also, the same story actually happenned twice on two different servers, so I suspect I am misconfiguring something from the start. Unfortunately, I do not have much idea of where to start in troubleshooting this.


I have been playing with it a bit more, and one thing I notice is that the call interface will stay active indefinitely as long as only one user is connected. However, as soon as a second user tries to join, both users get the message “Something went wrong…”.


In the logs, I found the warning “Failed to select initial bridge for participants” followed by the error “Can not invite participant – no bridge available.”


I think I may have identified the issue. I had been following the guide at https://matrix.org/blog/2020/04/06/running-your-own-secure-communication-service-with-matrix-and-jitsi to set up Jitsi alongside Matrix. However, I recently noticed the following note at https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/quick-install.md :

Note: The installer will check if Nginx or Apache is present (in that order) and configure a virtualhost within the web server it finds to serve Jitsi Meet. If none of the above is found it then defaults to Nginx. If you are already running Nginx on port 443 on the same machine turnserver configuration will be skipped as it will conflict with your current port 443.

It is indeed the case that, when following the first guide, certbot sets up Matrix with port 443.

Is there an easy solution? Should I be trying to set up one of Matrix or Jitsi on a different port? If so, how? (I am afraid that I am a relative beginner when it comes to server administration)